Black Bare Mesh Collection


Black Bare Mesh Collection come with both  local and international free standard delivery with no minimum order because we care about you, so accept and embrace your body without fear of being shamed or called names.  Feel free to utilise your Bare collection to express yourself.

Experience the power of being empowered in your finest bare self with Body Positive at its Bare.

Bare up! After all, we were born Bare.

You always get a bra, full underwear and a thong with your Bareskyns Collection♡.

97% Polyester, 3% Elastane

Soft, stretch sheer mesh fabrication

Matte sliver engraved Bare components

Branded bra with thong and full underwear as set

Free Shipping worldwide with no minimum orders on all Bareskyns collections.

When you purchase anything from the Chaisbek brand, you not only become a part of our family and tradition, but you also make a donation to the Chaisbek Charity Fund. We are on a mission to build Canada’s largest shelter for abused and homeless men, women and children. The Chaisbek brand donates 20% of our proceeds to our charitable organization.

We hope you wear your Black Bare Mesh collection with pride because you have just made a profound difference. Isaac and Charlotte Bekoe lived full, authentic, generous lives. I started Chaisbek to make them proud, honor their stories, and bring about the change they wanted to see in the world. Those of us here at Chaisbek are working hard to continue their tradition of kindness, positivity, and change-making.

The Chaisbek history has only just begun.

Visit our for our genuine sheep fur slides.

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Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex



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